Gluten Free Diet: Food and Recipes for Beginners
Gluten Free Diet
This guide is written in plain English, will help you easily understand what a
Gluten Free diet is and will put you firmly on the road to beginning a Gluten Free life.

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Eating Out in Restaurants - Gluten Free Diet

Always phone the restaurant before you visit and ask to speak to the head chef or better still the manager. You will need to explain your situation to them and communicate the importance of having a Gluten Free experience.

You may need to highlight to them the foods that contain Gluten and also list the foods you like that you know are Gluten Free. If you are a UK or other EU citizen, you can also inform the restaurant that any food or beverages they buy in will have the correct Gluten ingredients listed on the label, so they can look out for any to make certain.

If a restaurant doesnít have a Gluten Free dish you like or even doesnít have any Gluten Free dishes at all, donít be afraid to ask the chef to make you something off the menu. If you donít ask you will never know, most reputable restaurants should be happy to accommodate your needs.

Even when a meal is prepared for you, be weary of anything that may have been overlooked, for example most sauces and gravy will contain Gluten, so try avoid having any of these.

Finally if you are uncertain about the competence and customer care offered by the restaurant then simply donít go thereÖchoose one you are comfortable with trusting.




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