All Regular Cereals, Grains, Flours, Plants & Seeds That Contain Gluten & Should Be Avoided in Alphabetical Order
  • Barley – Food and drink containing high levels of malted barley such as malted drinks, beers, ales, lagers and stouts.
  • Barley malt extract – This is used to improve the flavor of certain foods and drink. Some experts would advise that it can be consumed if the amount of extract is very small but I would advise not to consume any foods and drinks containing any level to be on the safe side.
  • Bulgar – A cereal made from several different wheat recipes.
  • Cous cous – Made from semolina wheat and ground wheat flour.
  • Durum wheat – Used in many different dishes throughout the world including macaroni, pasta and bread when ground into fine flour.
  • Einkorn – Form of wheat which is not heavily used in any western products.
  • Emmer – Form of wheat used in pasta and bread and similar to durum wheat.
  • Kamut® – Found in many foods such as pastas, breakfast cereals, bread, beer and cookies.
  • Pearl Barley – Used in many beers, whiskies and bread.
  • Rye – Used in flour and rye bread.
  • Semolina – Used in pasta and breakfast cereals.
  • Spelt – Used in pasta and as a form of flour.
  • Triticale – A genetically made grain that is a cross between wheat and rye.
  • Wheat – Widely used to produce pastas, breads, cakes and biscuits.
The list may seem quite a lot to look out when shopping but the Gluten Free Diet is not designed to be a fad diet, it is a serious solution to a serious condition suffered by many people. It’s in your best interest to grow wise to these ingredients in order to help you avoid consuming any of them in your diet. Just remember the smarter you become about what to avoid in your diet the healthier and happier your life will be.