Beginners Guide Refresher Points – Gluten Free

  • Having Gluten sensitivity or Coeliac disease doesn’t have to rule your diet!
  • Get motivated and start learning what ingredients, foods and drinks contain Gluten.
  • Be weary of cross contamination whether preparing food at home or eating out.
  • Unless it’s really necessary avoid takeaways altogether (most are high in saturated fat anyway so you will be doing your heart a favour!)
  • Start doing more of your own cooking; the more you cook the easier it will be to enjoy a guaranteed Gluten Free Diet.
  • Try cooking in bulk and freezing food to use later which will save you time and money.

Quick Breakfast Ideas

  • Fruit Smoothies: All fruits can be used and milk is also Gluten Free.
  • Gluten Free Toast with Butter or Jam – Use a separate toaster to others if you share a home!

Collection of Gluten Free Recipes